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I sometimes encounter situations involving frustrated wheelchair end-users who describe that their wheelchairs are in the shop for repair, but their providers can't seem to figure out how to resolve the issues.

The first question that I ask is, "Has the provider contacted the manufacturer's technical service department for assistance?"

Many consumers don't realize that mobility providers have wheelchair manufacturers' technical service at their disposal.  If a provider has a wheelchair exhibiting an issue, he or she can call the manufacturer's technical support hotline, and speak with a skilled representative to work through the issues, step by step, toward resolution.  Additionally, while the provider is on the phone, the technical service representative can also file a warranty claim, and ship replacement parts - again, all over the phone, including during extended hours, readily available to any authorized provider.

What's more, in today's age, technical support for mobility products isn't only over the phone, but also online, 24/7, where providers can view troubleshooting guides, parts diagrams, and assembly instructions, even order parts, all via the Internet.  And, most manufacturers have field technicians, as well, who go as far as visiting providers, lending hands-on support, rolling up their sleeves, and helping to resolve complex issues when needed in-person.

Indeed, when it comes to manufacturers' technical support for mobility providers, there's plenty available.  Therefore, if you find your provider seemingly stumped by your wheelchair's issue, you might politely ask the obvious question:  "Have you contacted tech support?"

Published 9/07, Copyright 2007,