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Complete Guide to Mobility Advocacy

Exempt but not Exempt: How Competitive Bidding Effects Complex Rehab Consumers

Protecting Complex Rehab Technology Funding

Support H.R. 1041 To Repeal Competitive Bidding

CELA 2011: Back on the Hill

Funding Cuts: It's Time We Take Accountability

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot He's Dead (And Why Wheelchairs Cost So Much)

Wheels of Change: How the 2010 Health Reform Bill Effects Mobility Products

Picking a Wheelchair Provider

Common Sense Signs of Picking a Provider

Creating a Paper Trail to Switch Providers

Know the Wheelchair You're Getting: Become a One-Hour Expert

Assessing Power Wheelchairs in Everyday Environments

When is the Right Time to Purchase Power Wheelchair Upgrades?

Avoiding the New Chair Blues: Transitioning from one wheelchair to the next

When Self-Advocacy Gets the Repair Done

When Switching Providers Really Matters

When Relationships Make the Mobility

Balancing Purchase Cost and Ownership Value When Self-Funding a Power wheelchair

Understanding Powerchair Packages

How to Choose a Wheelchair Color

The 8 Steps to Power Wheelchair Delivery

The Proper Theory of Diagnosing Power Wheelchair Problems

When You Should Know More Than Your Provider

Giving Peer Advice Online: Placing Others' Mobility Needs Before Our Own

Patient To Consumer

The Power of Listening in the Mobility Market

How Trust Can Supercharge the Mobility Industry

You are the Mobility Industry

The Economic Cycle of Charity Within the Mobility Industry

Pathologizing the Wheelchair

EZ Lock and Powerchair Performance

Going 14x4 Knobbies

Powerchair RWD Vs. 6-Wheel Maneuvering - Video

Differentiating Between Power Wheelchair Top Speed Vs. Average Speed in Real Life

The Secret Life of 6-Wheel Powerchairs

Three Techniques to Make a Funded Everyday Powerchair More Off-Road Friendly

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Bariatric Powerchairs

Curb Climbing in a 6-Wheel Powerchair - Video

6-Wheel Powerchairs and Van Ramps - Video

Pneumatic Versus Flat-Free Drive Tires

Power Wheelchair Programming for the Straight and Fast

Assessing Optimal Power Wheelchair Handling

Mini-Rehab Powerchairs

High-End Electronics: The next generation, now

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Joystick Knobs (and what not to do)

Nuances of Power Wheelchair Noise

Choosing Powerchair Chargers

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Joystick Mounts

Understanding Powerchair Inhibits

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to High-Speed Packages

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Common Sense Powerchair Troubleshooting

Keeping Your Powerchair Cool in Summer Heat

Rain and Power Wheelchairs

What's Your Need For Speed: Selecting the Right Powerchair Speed for Your Needs

Programming Power

Understanding Powerchair Pivot Points

Breaking the Code: Mythos of Powerchair Programming

Dirty Little Secrets of Black Tires

Motor Brushes

6-Wheel Selections

Travel Powerchairs

Lock It Up:  A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Powerchair Security

Offroad Powerchairs

Controller Lingo:  Understanding Your Powerchair's Brain-Box

Penny and Giles Programming Reference

Flying Batteries: Protocol for Powerchair and Scooter Air Transport

Circuit Breakers

Powerchairs and Rain

Maintaining Your Back-up Powerchair

Powerchairing in the Snow - Video

Buying Quality Batteries

Battery FAQs

Battery Rules to Live By

Recognizing Battery Issues

Testing Batteries

Checking Connections

Lithium-Derived Batteries for Power Wheelchairs
Understanding Footplate Ground Clearance

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Pressure Sores & Prevention

Keeping Cool With Pressure Management Cushions

Choosing Between Tilt and Recline: The Clinical Aspects

Why Air Cushions Work so Well

A Guide to Powerchair Seat-to-Floor Heights

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Positioning Belts

Custom Molded Seat Cushions

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Reclining Backrests

Choices in Controlling Power Seating

Understanding the Mixing of Power Seating and Powerbases

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Foot Platforms

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Aftermarket Backrests

Power Seat Lifts

Wheelchair Standers

The Power of Positioning: The Applications of Tilt and Recline

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Super-Low Seating Systems

Sitting on Air: A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Air Cushions

Seating Solutions: A Strategy Toward Reducing Shock and Vibration

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Legrests

A Guide to Wheelchairs & Ventilators

Back to the Future: Are Dual-Tube Ultralights the Next Big Thing?

Kenda Kobra Hybrid Tire

Spinergy FlexRim

Marathon  Tires

Guide to Wheel Locks

The Manual Wheelchair Diet

Understanding Eccentric Adjustments

Soft Roll Casters

The Internal X-Frame

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Hubs

Big, Fat, Honkin' Off-Road Wheels

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Racing Wheelchairs

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Alternative Handrims

Minimalist Mania:  Differentiating among today's ultra-high-end manual chairs

K4 Factor: A Guide to Conventional Lightweight Wheelchairs

A Guide to Understanding Manual Wheelchair Weights

A Helping Hand:  Manual Wheelchair Power-Assist Technology

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Ultralight Wheelchair Ordering

Pumped Up -- A WheelchairJunkie's guide to sportschair tires

The Socio-Economics of Mobility

Assistive Technology Loans

Knowing What You're Getting in Today's Wheelchair Funding Climate

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Medicare Wheelchair Funding

Using Medicare's ABN Toward Upgrading Your Mobility

Golden Rules of Wheelchair Replacement

Show Me the Money! -- A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Wheelchair Funding

Credit Hold: When a Provider's Finances can Harm Consumers

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide To Transit Kits

Rollx Wheelchair Vans

Giving Your Lowered-Floor Minivan a Suspension Boost

Ramp Van Nuances

Vehicle Lifts and Rehap Powerchairs

Platform Lifts

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Ramps

Where Your Powerchair Goes Once You Board the Plane

The Six Design Inputs of Power Wheelchairs

Making Mobility a Career

People First, Then Wheelchairs, Then Ourselves

The Competitive Advantage: Optimizing a Powerchair for Power Soccer

When Praise Dooms Disability-Related Inventions

2010: A Decade Where the Best in Mobility Gets Better

European Mobility Vs. The United States

Do Power Wheelchairs Really Cost as Much as Cars?

The TeleStik

Mark's Tattoo

He Stole My Heart, Then My Power Chair

Misleading Mobility: How not telling the whole story harms  one's own mobility

Turning Bicycles into Wheelchairs

Rear-Wheel Drive's not Dead

The Hidden Life of Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Why Mobility Service Providers are Required

Microtrending Mobility Consumerism

Why do Wheelchairs Cost so Much

Powerchairs And Snow

Mobility Tech Service

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide To Beta Testing

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide To Weight Capacities

When Things Go Wrong: A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Wheelchair Repair

Back-Up Mobility: Having the right wheelchair when things go wrong

Manufacturing Mobility in Asia

The Four Factors of Mobility Trends

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Demo Products

Running Flat-Free:  A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Flat-Free Tires

A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Charitable Giving

The Mobility Advertisements of 1970

Cavaet Emptor: Avoiding Knock-Off Mobility Products

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