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I am no conspiracy theorist. Area 51 is simply the military's top-secret R&D facility. The moon landing did not occur on a Hollywood film set. And, the Bermuda Triangle is no more prone to boat and airplane accidents than any other part of the ocean.

However, who's the one behind spreading the rumor that 6-wheel power chairs can't climb industry-standard wheelchair-accessible van ramps? Maybe a disgruntled field rep of different power chair technology? Possibly a well-meaning consumer who had an odd combination, where his or her power chair and van ramp didn't work together, and the story innocently spread (after all, with 6-wheel power chairs being on the market for a decade - now as the industry standard - with tens of thousands in the field, surely someone's encountered an issue with a van ramp at some point, maybe due to an outdated ramp with a funky lip at the top or power chair suspension not working correctly)? Wherever the rumor started, I've been hearing people anecdotally repeat it, as in, My wheelchair dealer said that 6-wheel power chairs don't work with van ramps.... And, the whole notion is absurd. They're power chairs and wheelchair-accessible van ramps - of course they're engineered to work together.

Fortunately, it's an easy rumor to debunk - you likely do it every day by driving your 6-wheel power chair up your own wheelchair-accessible van ramp to get where you're going. However, for those not in the know, I've created a video not only showing how effortlessly 6-wheel power chairs climb wheelchair-accessible van ramps - in forward and reverse - but how they actually excel over other types of power chairs. Watch the video, and see for yourself:

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